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Yvonne Strahovski - Badass Women Panel at Nerd HQ [x]

Happy Birthday Yvonne Jaqueline Strzechowski, July 30

Yvonne Strahovski being adorable after receiving an applause for answering a question on the Badass Women panel


Yvonne at Nerd HQ/SDCC 2014

Dedicated to mxpw and all Yvonne die-hards

More to come at YSFangirls after I fix some technical issues….

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I always forget in the evening that I’ve got to do a bunch of interviews in the morning, so I stay out all night (laughs). It’s horrible!
Robert Pattinson - The Vent interview, july 2014 (via thinkingofrob)

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by yourveryownbaggagehandler:

Badass Women Panel with Yvonne Strahovski at Nerd HQ 2014  (Part 1)

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Sarah Walker S05E06 :-) Part 1/5

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Priceless, the cast looked like they had a ball this comic con. The girl on the right, with glasses and red hair cracks me up, everyone is laughing and smiling and she looks bored to death, she just dragged along by her boyfriend. hahahaha


Sorry, I should say his name. I’m sorry. I don’t know his name.